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· There is an Infection Symptom Measurement and Monitoring Protocol in the facility.
Safe social distance arrangements have been made in common areas
Periodic disinfection is provided by ULV machines within the facility.
Periodically, open and closed area disinfection is carried out.
· Tools such as tea and coffee in common areas were removed or served by the attendant.
· Kitchen personnel are obliged to use protective equipment.
· Kitchen tools are disinfected and controlled.
· Kitchen and eating and drinking areas are frequently subject to disinfection.
· Sports areas are used after being disinfected by personal appointment.
. Service support that eliminates transparent screening and guest contact is provided for the open buffet.
There is a safe social distance arrangement in the eating and drinking areas.
· Food safety inspection is provided at the facility.
· There is disinfectant in public areas.
· There are warnings and guidelines on Covid-19 preventive measures in general areas.
Cleaning products approved by the Ministry of Health are used throughout the facility.
· There is a manager to manage the possible epidemic process.
· Warehouse and food safety inspections are carried out frequently.
The use of protective equipment approved by the Ministry of Health is provided throughout the facility.
· There is equipment and work planning to reduce the physical contact of the hotel staff with the guests to zero.
· Tools and equipment used by the personnel are constantly and regularly disinfected.
· Front desk personnel serve by protecting social distance with protective equipment.
· Regular chlorine level control is provided in the pools.
Masks are provided for guests who wish.
· Disposable guest amenities are placed in the rooms.
Textile consumables are washed at 90 degrees.
· There are warning and information forms in the rooms regarding the measures taken within the facility.
There is a procedure for sterilization of heavy contact equipment such as television and air conditioning controls and telephones
Gloves and masks are provided to housekeeping and service personnel.
Health screening and tests of the personnel are regularly monitored.
· Operation staff are regularly subjected to symptom control.
The business has an Emergency Action Plan.
· Necessary trainings on Covid-19 and its precautions are given to the personnel.
There is a safe isolated room in case of suspected infection.


T.C. Safe Tourism Certification Program initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism; It covers the health and hygiene rules that facilities should apply as well as the precautions they should take. Facilities that want to have a Safe Tourism Certificate; It is subjected to a series of inspections by authorized audit firms regarding the implementation of health and hygiene rules determined by considering international standards. The inspections are regularly repeated and recorded.